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Welcome to Tamarack.

Why Choose Tamarack?

Tennis Instruction

Daily Tennis Instruction

Daily instruction includes the fundamentals of tennis, emphasizes correct form, consistent steady play, and most importantly, learning to be your own teacher.

Outdoor Activities

Activities & Events

Activities and events are readily available for campers to enjoy. Including hiking, mountain biking, swimming, an obstacle course, climbing wall, and much more!

Camp Culture

Camp Culture

A magical place to spend your summers. More than just a tennis camp, Tamarack offers a unique supportive family environment with a wide range of sports and activities.

Scenic Camp Location

Scenic Camp Location

Tamarack Camp lies at the foot of Mount Kinsman, and close by Franconia Notch. Tamarack spreads over 400 acres of rolling fields, streams, and woodlands.

History of Tamarack

In 1946, Jack and Peg Kenney opened Tamarack Lodge in Franconia, New Hampshire. Over the years the lodge became home to hundreds of pople who came north to ski at Cannon Mountain, and enjoy the Kenney’s warm hospitality. Sixteen years later in 1962, Jack and Peg started Tamarack Tennis Camp – New England’s first tennis camp.

Friends & Family

For more than 50 years, Tamarack has been offering superior tennis instruction to all levels. However, Tamarack is more than just a tennis camp, offering a unique and supportive family environment where you can form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Tamarack Friends & Family
Staff With Snacks

Fun & Experienced Staff

Having taught individuals at Tamarack, or other tennis camps or clubs, you can be sure each counselor is an experienced tennis instructor. Many of the counselors have considerable tournament experience, some play on their college tennis teams, and all of them are committed to making your child’s lessons both productive and fun.

Adult Tennis Weekends

These lessons are taught by instructors that are experienced in both group, and individual instruction. Each player will participate in small group lessons that will be tailored to their particular levels of skill.

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