History - Tamarack Tennis Camp

History of Tamarack

I hear… and I forget
I see… and I remember
I do… and it becomes a part of me.

Jack Kenney
Tamarack Tennis Camp Founder

Building the Foundation

In 1946, Jack and Peg Kenney opened Tamarack Lodge in Franconia, New Hampshire. Over the years the lodge became home to hundreds of pople who came north to ski at Cannon Mountain, and enjoy the Kenney’s warm hospitality. Sixteen years later in 1962, Jack and Peg started Tamarack Tennis Camp – New England’s first tennis camp.

One of the founding members of the New England Professional Tennis Association (NEPTA), Jack taught tennis for over 35 years. He developed the innovative and highly successful approach to teaching that has made learning tennis at Tamarack a wonderful experience for hundreds of campers. He has passed his legacy onto many tennis teachers.

Even though Jack and Peg have both passed on, Tamarack continues to be owned and operated by the Kenney Family, and run by their granddaughter Genny Wren Miller and her husband Chuck Weed who both began attending Tamarack when they were 10 years old.

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