Echo Lake

Adult Tennis Weekends

Adult Weekend Registration In addition to it's annual summer camp, each spring and early fall since 1963, Tamarack has also offered a three day adult tennis weekend. These lessons are taught by instructors that are experienced in both group, and individual instruction. Each player will participate in small group lessons that will be tailored to their particular levels of skill. For beginners, the instructors will provide a solid grounding in fundamentals, and the basics of match play. For intermediate and expert players, the instructors will help to improve and refine timing, strokes, and strategy for upcoming summer competition. This comprehensive program is taught in a setting of unparalleled beauty, where you will be able to enjoy the people and atmosphere just as much as the tennis.

  • For Players of any level
  • Morning and afternoon sessions: you will receive a minimum of 4 hours of instruction per day, in both group and private lessons.
  • A focus on both mechanics and strategy: you will use what you learn in actual game situations.
  • Between and after lessons, the courts are available for additional play.